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I'm John Lyons, a luxury wedding photographer based in Windsor and Toronto serving fun and stylish couples all over Southwestern Ontario.

I love weddings! Family and friends coming together to celebrate not only your love, but the beginning of your family – your Ohana.

And this is my beautiful family. My Ohana...


about ME

This is my why...

Ohana means family – and so much more. It’s the people in your life who are bound together by genuine compassion, culture, loyalty and love for each other.

My Ohana – my family, my friends, my community – is the most important thing to me. I value their love, loyalty and support more than anything.

I bring this love and respect for family to every wedding. When I am trusted to photograph your wedding and your Ohana – I am truly honoured.

I have seen this video at least 100 times, and every time I do, it still hits me. This was created well before the digital age, but completely underscores how important photographs are in our lives.

I love walking into a wedding reception and one of the first things that I see is the "family table": a display of photographs of family members and previous family weddings. Usually the couple's parents' and even their grandparents' wedding photos are displayed along with photos of important family and friends. 

This is the beginning of your family legacy!

"My hope is that years from now a great grandchild of one of my couples will find an old printed wedding photo that I took decades earlier and get a glimpse of a sweet moment in their family history that has long passed."

This is the start of your family and I can't wait to photograph it...

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