John and Larisa Lyons Wedding Photographers. Photo by Heike Delmore


Thank You...

Hi, I’m John Lyons, I photograph elegant, classic & timeless weddings for stylish & fun couples.

As a devoted husband and father who loves love, my family and my friends, capturing the moment when you start your own family is deeply meaningful to me.

Your Wedding Photos


I believe that the printed photograph is your first family heirloom.

I love weddings, family and friends coming together to celebrate not only your love, but the beginning of your family. OHANA, the Hawaiian word for family, guides everything I do.

When I photograph the reception venue at a wedding, I’m always profoundly moved by the “memory or tribute table” – the beautifully decorated display near the entrance with wedding photos of the parents, grandparents, and other important family members, some still living, some gone.

On your wedding day, I know that the photos I take of you will be placed at a similar table at your children’s, grandchildren’s, even your great-grandchildren’s  wedding.

This is your legacy. This is your first family heirloom.

No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa

From this day, from this night, forever more.

~ Hawaiian Proverb


Ohana means family – and so much more. It’s the people in your life who bound together by genuine compassion, culture, support, loyalty and love for each other.

My Ohana – my family, my friends, my community – is the most important thing to me. I value their love, loyalty and support more than anything.

When I am trusted to photograph your family – your Ohana – I am truly honoured.


Mahalo can simply mean thank you. But like Ohana, it’s true meaning is much deeper. It’s a spirit of gratitude, respect and even admiration.

Every day I am grateful for my family, my friends, my health and the health of my family. I have a career that I am extremely passionate about and that almost every weekend I am trusted to document the beginning of a brand new family.

How important are these two words to me? Well, I have them tattooed on my arms – so everyday I, and the people around me, can see what is most important to me.