About John…Photographer. Storyteller. Ocean Lover.


~Karl Lagerfeld

I am a born and raised Southwestern Ontario boy who spent my early years living and laughing on the Great Lakes. Having been married for 23 years with 3 beautiful teenage daughters, the time I spend with my family is time I absolutely treasure. Whether we are on the beach, on the boat, by the pool or simply enjoying a dinner dockside, much of our time is spent together on or near the water.

While it’s wonderful that technology has made taking and sharing photos so easy for everyone, I still remain a devoted believer in the benefits of the printed photograph. I see it first hand with my own children who still prefer to look through our old photo albums. We print our photos and hang them on the wall to smile at, laugh with and to bring the memories back to life. We have photographs of my grandparents framed and proudly displayed; and in my mind, I can hear their laughter as if they are still in the room.

Photographs are more than just memories, they are priceless family heirlooms that should be held, joyed over and displayed to reminisce through. It is our gift that we have the ability to capture these moments now to preserve them for you forever.

Even though much has changed throughout the 10 years and nearly 250 idyllic weddings I’ve photographed, my belief in the importance of the wedding day and the value of family has gotten stronger. For me, weddings are bigger than just the celebration of two people and their love. Weddings mark the beginning of a family; your family.

I understand the value of connecting with you to find out what is really important when capturing your wedding. And although it’s not the main focus, I thoroughly enjoy the peripheral responsibility of taking photos of all extended family members that are present. There’s no better way to complete the memory of your wedding day than with the loved ones celebrating alongside you.

You have gone above and beyond to invest in this day; from the venue and decor, hair and makeup, to your dress and the exhausting logistics of getting all your loved ones in the same place. Your wedding day should be playful and enjoyable with all of your love and passion coming through. It is my full intention to give you equally epic photographs of your day that will live forever. 


~ John Lyons

John Lyons Photographer

photo: the lovely and talented Sarah Burnie